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Shangluo City, Shaanxi Province, China

陝西商洛是華夏文明之源。有距今100萬年的“洛南猿人”,是倉頡造字、商鞅封邑、四皓隱居的地方,也是文壇巨匠賈平凹和陳彥的故鄉,文脈悠久綿長。 陝西商洛是中國氣候康養之都。森林覆蓋率69.56%,夏季平均氣溫22℃,是中國唯一“氣候康養之都”和首個“美麗中國•深呼吸之都”,宜居宜養宜遊。 陝西商洛是秦嶺最美會客廳。全域處於秦嶺腹地,有5A級景區金絲大峽谷,國家旅遊度假區柞水牛背梁,全市擁有4A級以上景區19家,被譽為秦嶺裡最美的地方。 Shangluo, Shaanxi Province, is the Source of Chinese Civilization. It is a place with a long history and splendid culture, where "Luonan Man" was found, a primitive man of about one million years ago, a place where Cangjie Created Chinese Characters, Shang Yang (known for his Reforms of Shang Yang) was granted manor estate by Qin Xiaogong, a monarch of Qin , Sihao(four old men enjoyed high social reputation ) once lived here in seclusion, also a hometown of famous writers Jia Pingwa and Chen Yan, winners of Maodun Literary Prize. Shangluo is the Capital of Climate&Health in China. With a forest coverage rate of 69.56% and an average temperature of 22℃ in summer, the city has been named as “Capital of Climate&Health” and “City of Beautiful China for Deep Breathing”. It is suitable for living, health-preserving and traveling. Shangluo is the most beautiful “Reception Room” in Qinling Mountains. The whole area is located in the hinterland of the Qinling Mountains, and there are 19 high-level grade scenic spots, including National 5A Scenic Spot Jinsi Grand Canyon, as well as a National Resort District Niu Beiliang in zhashui county.

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