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Jiaocheng County, Shanxi Province, China

交城,位於山西省中部,縣域面積1822平方公里。境內群山巍峨,松蒼柏翠,森林面積139.7萬畝,森林覆蓋率54%,林木綠化率70%,年平均負氧離子濃度為1938個/立方釐米,遠遠超出負氧離子濃度最高等級標準,2018年被評為“中國天然氧吧”,有著“五彩繽紛交城山、四季沐歌寫浪漫”的美譽。 交城,歷史悠久,山川秀美。境內擁有兩處國家4A級旅遊景區,一處3A級旅遊景區,三處全國重點文物保護單位,一處全國佛教重點寺院,眾多“國字型大小”的旅遊資源、非物質文化遺產、自然人文景觀不勝枚舉,是一方鐘靈毓秀“山水交融之地,人文薈萃之城”。 Jiaocheng, located in the central part of Shanxi Province, covers an area of 1822 square kilometers.In the county, there are towering mountains,green pines and verdant cypresses , with forest area 1.397 million mu, forest coverage rate 54%, forest greening rate 70%.The annual average negative oxygen ion concentration is 1938 / cubic cm, which is far exceeding the highest level of negative oxygen ion concentration standards. In 2018, it was appraised as "China's natural oxygen bar", enjoying the reputation of "colorful Jiaocheng mountains ,describing romance into four seasons " . Jiaocheng has a long history with graceful mountains and beautiful rivers. There are two national 4A scenic spots, one 3A scenic spot, three national key cultural relic protection units, one national Buddhist key monastery and numerous "state-standard" tourism resources. The city abounds in intangible cultural heritages and scenic and natural wonders. Jiao cheng is a place pregnant with beauty and treasure,entitled "the city of splendid cultures and magnificent landscapes".

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