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Dehua County, Fujian Province, China

德化县位于福建中部、泉州北部,是千年古县、千年瓷都。森林覆盖率73.7%,空气质量接近国家一级标准,饮用水源水质达标率100%,获评中国天然氧吧、国家生态县、中国最佳生态旅游县。拥有3700多年制瓷历史,烧制技艺列入国家非遗,德化窑址成为世界遗产。现有陶瓷企业4000多家,从业人员10多万人,是全国最大的陶瓷工艺品生产和出口基地,获评国家级出口陶瓷质量安全示范区、中国瓷都、世界陶瓷之都。 Located in central Fujian and northern Quanzhou, Dehua County is a thousand-year old county and a thousand-year porcelain capital. The forest coverage rate is 73.7%, the air quality is close to the national standard, and the water quality of drinking water sources meets the standard rate of 100%. It has been awarded as China Natural Oxygen Park, National Ecological County, and China Best Ecological Tourism County. With a history of more than 3,700 years of porcelain production, the firing techniques are listed in the National Intangible Heritage List, and the site of Dehua kiln has become a World Heritage Site. Having more than 4,000 ceramic enterprises, employing more than 100,000 people, Dehua is the largest production and export base of ceramic handicrafts in China, and has been evaluated as National Export Ceramic Quality and Safety Demonstration Area, Porcelain City of China and World Ceramic City.

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