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Yichun City, Heilongjiang Province, China

伊春地處小興安嶺腹地,紅松故鄉,森林覆蓋率高達83.8%,全域負氧離子每立方釐米4000至6000個,夏季最高峰值可達8000至10000個,優良天數99%,夏季平均氣溫接近22℃,是北緯47℃上“最迷人的夏天”。是中國北方第一個天然氧吧城市,2022年7月被中國氣象服務協會授予全國三個之一“天然氧吧城市典型示範”案例。 伊春具有“高負氧、紅松林、好氣候、產品優”四大特點,“九珍十八品”是伊春“天然氧吧好產品”的鮮明寫照。 Located in the hinterland of Xiaoxing'an mountains, Yichun is known as the hometown of Korean pine, with a forest coverage rate of 83.8%, the number of negative oxygen ions is 4,000 to 6,000 per cubic centimeter, reaching its highest as 8,000 to 1,0000 in summer. The air quality here is excellent for 99% of the days. The average temperature in summer is close to 22 ℃, making it the ”most charming summer” at 47 ℃ north latitude. It is the first natural oxygen bar city in northern China. It was awarded as one of the three “typical demonstrations of natural oxygen bar city” by the China Meteorological Service Association in July 2022. Yichun has the four characteristics of "high negative oxygen, Korean pine forest, good climate, and excellent products", and "nine treasures and eighteen products" is a clear portrayal of "natural oxygen bar excellent products".

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