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White Box Studio

去年白盒藝坊總監左燕芬舉辦了玉米娃娃個展,是香港唯一的以玉米娃娃為主題的展覽《翃》,展出了三百多個古今中外人物造型,表現古代除了三個不同時期的飛天外,更有唐三彩女俑造型。代表西方的展出了文藝復興服飾的貴族,還有三個約一米半高的巨型玉米娃娃,那是配合中國傳統紥作工藝完成的。另外最大的突破是做以日本時裝設師三宅一生的理念而做的玉米娃娃。之所謂突破是因為左氏放棄了傳統的粟米娃娃做法,用縐布紋、一布成衣及日式褶紙等概念,做出向三宅一生致敬的《縐與褶》。 Ms. Jor Yinfun (White Box Studio Director )held a solo exhibition of corn dolls last year, which is the only corn doll-themed exhibition in Hong Kong, "Hui", exhibiting more than 300 figures of ancient and modern Chinese and foreign figures, showing that in addition to three different periods of Dunhuang Flying Apsaras for ancient times, there are also Tang Sancai female figurines. Representatives of the West exhibited the nobles in Renaissance costumes, and three giant corn dolls about one and a half meters high, which were completed in conjunction with traditional Chinese tying techniques. Another biggest breakthrough is to make corn dolls based on the concept of Japanese fashion designer Issey Miyake. The so-called breakthrough is that Jor gave up the traditional method of corn dolls, and used concepts such as crepe pattern, Yibu ready-made clothes and Japanese pleated paper to create "Crepe and Pleats" in tribute to Issey Miyake.

敦煌飛天Dunhuang Flying Apsaras

仿效敦煌敦煌飛天造型 Imitation of Dunhuang Dunhuang Flying Apsaras


"Crepe and Pleats" in tribute to Issey Miyake.

突破傳統玉米娃娃技術的現代化產品  A modern product that breaks through the traditional corn doll technology

文藝復興貴婦 Nobles in Renaissance


Modeled after Renaissance clothing

巨型天使Giant corn angle


Products that combine traditional Chinese tying and corn doll techniques

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