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City University of Hong Kong, Cultural Exchange Oasis

Are you ready to explore an innovative way of appreciating and preserving our cultural heritage? This exhibition will introduce details of how Cultural Exchange Oasis in collaboration with Talent Education Development Office applies innovative 3D laser scanning and 3D printing technology to heritage conservation and education. Join us to immerse yourself in a 360-degree, interactive virtual tour of the representational local Chinese temples, and check out the models made by 3D printing.
您準備好探索以一種創新的方式來欣賞和保護我們的文化遺產嗎?本次展覽將詳細介紹文化薈如何與優 才及教育發展處合作,將創新的 3D 激光掃描和 3D 打印技術應用於文物保育與教育之上。讓我們一起在 沉浸式的虛擬體驗中認識本地具有代表性的中國寺廟,並欣賞 3D 打印的寺廟模型。

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