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Consulate General of the Lao’s
Democratic Republic

Laos is a landlocked country located in Southeast Asia, traversed by the Mekong River, and is known for its mountainous terrain surrounded by 5 countries namely China, Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia, Thailand and the capital city of Laos is Vientiane. Laos is officially a Buddhist country with rich culture and natural resources. The population is approximately 7.0 million people with a population density of 27 people per sq km. Lao people are hostile, appreciate peace, and avoid quarreling in general. Moreover, Laotian is very accepting and respectful of others. Nowadays Laos is a stable political and economic structure for the last decade, the country has seen a steady increase in the number of tourists and soon they learned that the most enjoyable way to travel in Laos is to observe local customs, traditions, rules, and beautiful culture by using their common sense to feel and observe others. Laos is a country that has the experience to host and offer everyone and to ensure that the visitors will take away treasured memories when they leave.

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