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The Education University of Hong Kong

為推廣非物質文化遺產, 香港教育大學在攤位內設有不同的活動體驗, 包括由學生進行現場書法及剪紙演示、贈送作品、以及由香港中國剪紙文化藝術學會會長孫紅女士主講的「中國剪紙工作坊」。此外, 攤位亦展出多個由教大專家團隊設計的動畫, 以增進大眾對歷史文化的認識及興趣。 To promote intangible cultural heritage, The Education University of Hong Kong has held a booth with various interactive experiences, including students demonstration and distribution of Chinese calligraphy and papercutting and a “Chinese Papercutting Workshop” conducted by Ms. Sun Hong, President of the Hong Kong Chinese Découpage Culture and Art Association. Additionally, several educational animations created by experts will be displayed to enhance public awareness and foster their interests in Chinese historical culture.

Pictures of Chinese calligraphy
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