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Prima Creative Co.

Hong Kong-born artist, studied art in Europe and mainland China and found inspiration in the intersection of different cultures and art forms. I have always been fascinated by the endless possibilities of blending different textures and hues to bring forth unique visual expressions. My approach to art is rooted in cultural traditions, exploring the contemporary nature of traditional art in the context of cross-cultural communication. My works apply Chinese intangible cultural heritage of “random stitching” embroidery which combines oil painting and traditional embroidery techniques to present layers and colours. In addition to this technique, I also incorporate elements of ink painting and calligraphy into my work as I seek to blend different techniques and mediums to create a unique aesthetic that expresses a sense of tranquility and harmony. 在中⻄文化交匯、傳統與現代交融的香港出生與成⻑,在歐洲與中國內地學習藝術,從不同文化和藝術形式的 交集中獲得靈感。我一直著迷於混合不同紋理和色調帶來獨特視覺表達的無限可能性,藝術方法植根於文化傳 統,探索在跨文化交際下傳統藝術的當代性。 作品運用了中國非物質文化遺產亂針繡技藝,刺繡方法結合了油畫畫理與傳統繡理而呈現層層疊加色彩豐富的畫面,亦將水墨畫和 書法元素融入到作品中,尋求融合不同的技術和媒介,以創造一種表達寧靜與和諧的獨特美學。

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