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Malaysia Tourism Promotion Board 

Home to secluded mountains, lush green forests and pristine islands, Malaysia’s charm is beyond words. Malaysia offers you everything you could ever wish for in a vacation, be it an exotic adventure, luxury enjoyment, cultural travel experience, or an escape to the enchanting nature. The bustling cities, historic towns, and quaint villages, all with distinct charms and personalities, are worthy of exploration.                                         

馬來西亞魅力無窮,滿足你對旅行的所有期待。 從繁華都市、歷史古城到淳樸小鎮,和我們一起探索各個城市的魅力。 山林秘境,隱世海島,多元美食,盡在馬來西亞。 上山落海,渡河入林,任君選擇!

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