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Consulate General of the State of Qatar Hong Kong

Qatar is a vibrant desert peninsula, surrounded by a spectacular coastline, full of natural and cultural wonders Qatar offers tradition and modernity that's difficult to find elsewhere. Qatar has a rich and storied history that's visible nearly everywhere you look, from the architecture and museums to UNESCO World Heritage sites and marketplaces. But that doesn't make it a country that lives in the past, as proved by the innovative skyscrapers of Doha. Qatar celebrates its heritage, but still offers newcomers and travellers modern amenities, hotels and infrastructure, and a mix of international cultures, cuisines and lifestyles. Qatar has many touristic characters with its natural reserves, historic forts, international resorts and seven star hotels, public parks, restaurants and malls. Qatar is also considered one of the safest tourist destinations in the world, where the tourist will be able to observe the generous hospitality which characterize the Arabic culture.

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